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Pointers for Finding a House Painter

Some home improvement projects require a professional, if only to make sure that results will be satisfying. When hiring a painter, you have to make a few basic issues. After all, not all of them are the same.

Finding House Painters

Generally speaking, choosing a local contractor is better because they are likely to be more particular about doing an excellent job compared to national companies. With only unhappy customer, their reputation in the community can suffer! Although paint contractors focus on painting, some perform related tasks like plaster repairs, trim and molding, and so on.

One thing you should know about is the potentially difficult part of finding a painting contractor: having them show up. This is typically due to very tight schedules, but professionalism is professionalism. Very importantly, insist on getting a detailed written estimate of your costs and timeline before you start.

Of course, you’ll want to know as much as you can about local painters you might hire, and the Internet is usually your biggest resource for this. But when you’re not satisfied with the information you gleaned, approach your neighbors and ask for referrals. As well, contractors may put signs on the front yards of homes that they’re presently working in, or sometimes, you’ll just see a parked white panel van. In any case, do chat with your neighbor and ask them about the contractor’s performance.

You can also check local magazines that feature recent home renovations. You will probably find names and contact details of the people behind these projects, but be warned – they are often pricey to hire.

Talking to the House Painter

Unlike talking to a plumber or electrician, you will not need to know technical terms. Make sure you ask for the important details, such as how much the paint will cost, what type or types of paint will be used, how many coats, and whether they will cover the areas that are not supposed to be painted.

And don’t forget to inquire whether or not you have to vacate the house while they work.

Calculating Your Total Costs

Some painting contractors make use of particular formulas when computing a project’s total cost. For instance, they may add wall and ceiling square footage, and the linear footage of the trim. They will look into preparation time as well, plus primer and paint “hard costs.”

They may provide an estimate based on similar jobs they’ve done in the past. This estimate won’t include a lot of particulars, but it is usually good enough for a start. To determine whether this is a good estimate, ask other contractors to provide quotes, and make comparisons.
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