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All across America a call is being heard from coast to coast; the call to protect and to preserve our United States Constitution. Citizens in every state are waking up to the idea that what has assembled itself in Washington DC as a representative body of government elected to the Republic for which we stand, has decayed as body forsaking principles in a deteriorating process of compromise. A standard of elitism has gripped Washington DC where even those who claim a standard of conservatism have laughed and scoffed at the standard within our Constitution demanding only a natural born citizen, one born in the U.S. to citizen parents, can assume the office of the President. This condition of deterioration calls for Taking A Stand this Labor Day.
Fran Boscow of 'Constitutionalist United For America' interviewed Cody Robert Judy asking some very interesting questions about the campaigns platform and Cody's Vision for America
In the National News column for the Post & Email Sharon Rondeau interviewed Cody and got a news scoop of why Cody Robert Judy's Campaign as a Democrat is vital for America's Republic Principles of the U.S.C.
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 Here at this time and hour, we make our stand for those whom have forged the United States Constitution into a standard of freedom and liberty for the entire world to see. WE THE PEOPLE polish the tarnished golden standard, we rebuild the dilapidated fences, we believe in the vision which our founders and framers had for the United States. Obama's plan for 'unemployed' workers? Get on the dole of the U.S. taxpayers.. Heap it on higher! Pile it on higher! He continues to teach people to hold their hand out to his. Every Government job cost the tax payers galore, every privately created job provides more. So now he's gonna hire all the contractors in the U.S. to rebuild bridges and roads and get them working on the Fed time clock? "Come work for me" he says, "I'll pay you with the little remains of the American middle class, and then you'll line up in the line I tell you to line up in?"

 We began with the insistence that Congress hold serious investigation verification of qualification hearings on the eligibility of Barack Obama to run as a candidate in the presidential race of 2012 as a demand for our National Security concerns and Economic solvency, because Obama cannot do a 'job' he is not qualified to do. You wouldn't put an air traffic controller whose qualified for air traffic behind your toilet to fix it. You wouldn't hire a chef to put the trusses of your house on, and your sure wouldn't let someone behind the controls of your security system and check book who had an identity theft record a mile long. This was the reason our founders and framers thought it a good idea for the President to be a natural born citizen.

 Obama isn't qualified to be President and he is wrecking the Country every day he is in the White House. He is a liability to our law and should be removed as a disability as our law states in U.S.C. Amend. XIV. Sect. 3, and Amend. XX., so America can get back to the law and get back to work.


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Ever hear of Fraud begats Fraud? Compute Obama's Fraud to those who have supported him in the Fraud which has now begun to eat them, as Civil War erupts on Wallstreet.