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 Senator Bennett and Hatch's response to qalification ??
George Washington's Vision of America

Sent: Thu 2/12/09 5:49 AM

                 Dear Patriot Americans;
                              Please find attached the following letters from Senator Bennett -UT-R and Senator Hatch -UT-R the responses to President Obama's qualification as a natural born citizen question.
                              These are posted on my web site also and the Senators Ltrs link.
                              Unfortunately, Senator Bennett believes the Hawaiian Official who says it's there is talking about the original birth certificate and it's authentication as a natural born citizen, although that much information would actually be illegal for the official to give out. Senator Hatch believes the 14th Amendment overrides the qualifications of the Presidency found in Art. II Sect. 1 clause 5 as a "natural born", thus he sees no reason Gov.Arnold Schwarzenegger of California bankruptcy fame couldn't be the next U.S. President I suppose. He also believes all these rumors and allegations circulate via the Internet, giving me the chill he'd like to control that too. By these defenses you can easily see they represent unconstitutional falsehoods and premises they make themselves untrue or false senators to the U.S. Constitution; this is easy to see and they should be exposed as they represent themselves.
                              I'm so sorry my U.S. Senators were no help. I had hoped they would be some what more help in at least asking for hearings on the qualification verification to avoid an impeachment trial. They have every right to ask President Obama to submit his birth certificate for authentication and verification to the U.S. Senate as they can by authority as a legislative branch according to U.S. Consti. Sect. 8 " to constitute Tribunals inferior to the supreme court and Art I Sect. 3 the "sole power to try all impeachments".
                              It would be so easy for the Republican Senators to simply get together and conduct a trial calling it a "qualification verification hearing" necessary to avoid "impeachment trial" and simply demand that in their duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution, which they are sworn to do, that President Obama be the one to produce his original birth certificate to them, or lose his presidency. Asking someone to verify qualification for the job is not an insult, however, as a concerned citizen, and a competitive candidate of the presidential race, I find it very insulting that President Obama spend 800,000 dollars to fight against producing or could we say to hide his original birth certificate, defying over 49 Federal and State law suits and all the citizens bring this issue for constitutional consideration.
                             While the fight of conservative principles for government is waged on the air waves, and today (02-11-09) most nobly against the stimulus package actually passing the senate, and reportedly passing committee, by Giant Rush Limbaugh and Sentinel Sean Hannity and Gladiator Glenn Beck, these mighty voices weaken to pimp squeak status on this most important constitutional principle, and I don't understand it. Especially when, to me, clearly it seems the easiest way to squelch the fire within our country as the stimulus package burns. The industry of our country put to fire as embers rise up amidst the dry pallets stacked high with oil soaked railroad ties known to most as the sound businesses yard of our country.
     Thomas Jefferson said,"It is our duty still to endeavor to avoid war; but if it shall actually take place, no matter by whom brought on, we must defend ourselves. If our house be on fire, without inquiring whether it was fired from within or without, we must try to extinguish it.
     Whilst I am of no respect or honor, those who have such seem constitutionally unfit, even to those on the radio air. Yet rather then consider their error, of my heart, they see fit rather to doom the country to dis-honor and then a fix of some sort by none other then those who messed it up. Glenn Beck said most notably that Republican's were the Social-Lite as to the Democrats Socialism.
      The problem with that is the force of which it is happening they have underestimated and there be no recovery for those who saw a defense and failed to use it for what would be their excuse to God, but a lie for the defense of the Constitution, when they gave no credit to the qualifications of, as they even called him, Messiah: President Obama. There is no difference to the meaning of their words when it is written and not heard, and I wonder as they slave for paradox, if they ask God to understand their allegiance to negativity?
      By God we change, or our country so unquestionably shall begin to inherit all of the Plagues of Revelations, for the decline of constitutional sanity. If Obama is impeached, I have seen our recovery of this recession by 2010 and on a positive note there shall be a refuge from the storms!

   Set your hearts ladies and gentlemen for the inheritance of your lifetime and what you have championed and what you have trodden under foot. I am under your foot and I think that we all share that idea in common and agree upon it.
 George Washington's Vision of America.

         Your Brother in Freedom and Liberty,
         Cody Robert Judy
         Champion for Conservative Values
   Feb. 13,2010
      I'm feared for the worse, and in some ways feel it my own failure. Perhaps if this or that had been better I would have been more successful. Today I thought for the saving grace of God upon the greatest population things happen as they do.
      It seem in life those things I suffered were of no consequence, but the suffering of others pained me more then my own.

      Today I read needed to read this..
 and I am thankful that God will have mercy upon America, but that mercy does not mean the umbrella we have had won't be taken away for a time. May God help us preserve what we have lost in America... Our Memory and may God Bless us to rekindle the beat of our freedom and liberty... our Heart.

               Cody Robert Judy
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