Cody Robert Judy
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United States Supreme Court
1 First Street NE Washington DC 20543
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                   Dear Justice Scalia:
                         Thank you for the service to the U.S. Supreme Court- the Court Just before God, as I see. No greater service can be rendered upon The People of The United States then preserved principles of the U.S. Constitution. Why it seems to many I know our U.S. Constitutional Rights are diminishing with the stroke of the pen, the moral persuasions of our United States Constitution echo as voices from the dust of the past, and cries from those yet unborn, for the fabric of freedom and liberty to be mended and stitched up from the assaults of the unwise who lack understanding of the importance of United States Constitution. For WE THE PEOPLE care and love every word and every line and decry the outrageous assaults upon the decorum of so noble an outline given in the qualifications of The President of The United States held within our U.S. Constitution and entrusted upon this Court.

 For which qualifications we do honor our President to be as said, a natural born citizen, and 35 years of age for purposes as supposed of protection, and defense, in wise councils. To the PROTECTION & DEFENSE: born in these United States of America and therein receiving the Spirit of Protection for the mother land from that Spirit which quickens the body and from which the body is dead without that Spirit. So to from whence that Spirit originates shall be called Home from the deepest energies of the soul and thus also the deepest yearnings TO DEFEND that are natural to the person. This is the articulation and the importance of the “Natural Born” qualification. For a fool’s errand is to deny this claim and his argument unnatural, in the course, of the existence of life. That these natural born tendencies exist and are true, and so were faithfully included in the drafts, as a “Key-Stone” of our Nation, known as The United States Constitution.

 Thus, I as one, and for others also I know, of WE THE PEOPLE, humbly pray for this courts greatest consideration in observance to our Nation’s Constitution in the proper vetting of President Elect Obama circulated in this Court as Berg v. Obama Case No. 08-570 (including my personally represented Motion for leave and Brief of AMICUS CURIAE), and articulated in the sacrifices of many in petitions to the Courts all over this Nation, costing us our lives in time, talents, and fortunes, and that humbly after those many who have died in service to our Nation; let them be remembered. That the Spirit be maintained in the House our Framers so wonderfully built, and that to ensure the preservation of Freedom and Liberty, to which we owe our economic success, spirited ingenuity, and accelerated maturity as a Nation roofless under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, or be damned with failure for our forgetfulness.
 To this end, I remind the U.S. Supreme Court of their sworn oath to defend the United States Constitution!
I AM a Patriot of the United States of America and Yours Humbly,
                                                                                       Cody Robert Judy
                                           Signed this 28th day of December, 2008 ___________________________________

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