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Welcome to Cody Judy's Just For Fun Store
"I don't know if there is anyone on a white horse that is going to come in and save us"... quote Rush Limbaugh
 Cody loves to golf so it's no surprise that he would offer his favorite Golf Hat and Shirt to fans.

The official Cody Robert Judy racing birdie golf hat comes in white, or black , and will really set your balls on fire on the fairways and greens!

  On the front an insignia designed by Cody and trumping the powerful PATRIOT CALL "USA". On the back sports the official web site The back is a velcro custom fit for one size fits all.

  Hat or Shirts can be ordered by sending a check or money order of $35-hat/$50-shirt/ includes shipping and handleing to :
Cody Robert Judy For President 2012
C/O Go-Get-Him-Gear
3031 So. Ogden Ave. Suite #2
Ogden,UT. 84403

Visa/MC/Discover/American Express Orders can be made at the Contributions Page

  Please include shipping address, color, and size sm/med/large/ additional $10 apply to shirts in X'tra large sizes.

  Every contributor of $250 dollars shall receive a free hat of their choice upon request!

  Check back perodically as we will be adding items to our CRJ JUST FOR FUN Store.
Welcome fellow Partriots to my on line "Cody Judy's Just For Fun Store". I call it a "Just For Fun Store" because it is fun to sport around in cool go-get-him-gear Its just for fun and in America Utah is a very cool and a very fun place to be where you can golf and ski the same day! We work hard and play hard.
My longest drive 375 yards..Far and most importantly ... down the middle!
1280 The Zone's "Road to the Final Babe" is heating up. Of course Jenica is an "Independent Conservative Utah Gal", our Zone Babe..cuz Conservative Girls are Hot! She's a gal with a heart for freedom and liberty and say's She love's America for the opportunity to be free and live free. Let's say she's NOT favoring the socialist and she's Red White and Blue through and through! Vote up!