America's Latin American Allies
Friends Not Forgotten

It is time for the United States to adopt a Latin American strategy that will strengthen human rights and freedom, that will stand by our friends and allies, that will advance our own interests, and that will weaken the threat of the Castro regime, Chavez, and any other dictator with the intent of taking away the freedom of people.

 America will never back down to the Castro brothers. There will be no accommodation, no appeasement. There will be no end to our insistence that political prisoners are set free, and that Cubans themselves are finally given the privileges that today are enjoyed only by Castro's cronies, and by foreign tourists.

I believe within a near future a regime that has oppressed people will fall further into deterrioration and trust will come within and from people with freedom as their call. After 50 years, with so much suffering, so much sacrifice, we will not relent until the day when the communist regimes meet with ignominious end and their history is written as oppressive to the free spirit which appeals to every spirit whom longs to reach full potential. This is and has been the success of America and we will continue to rely upon the knowledge of freedom and capital success engendered as tools for positive growth towards all.

Help Our Friends. Foreign aid and foreign investments must be focused on those who stand alongside us. In spite of great progress over the last few decades, tens of millions in the Western Hemisphere still live in poverty. United States aid and investment programs promote transparency and the economic and political reforms needed to spur development.

Act To Inform Public Opinion In Latin America. We should use our world renowned media and communications savvy to spread the truth about American freedom, and Castro tyranny. New strong-men ('caudillos') must not reverse the Hemisphere's hardfought economic and political freedoms. The United States and our partners in the region must continue to reject the policies of leaders such as Venezuela's Hugo Chavez that move to consolidate power, limit dissent and revert to failed socialist policies.

Improve Our Economic Ties. The President has negotiated vital free trade agreements with Latin American neighbors like Peru, Colombia and Panama. As President I will reach out to both parties to conduct in the interest of our country and humanity trade agreements beneficial to America reasonable compromises with the interest of America first, however a great hand of fellowship for our neighboring countries.

Rebuild Relationships Of Respect And Trust And Friendship. Our Latin American friends will be welcome in the White House.
I'm confident we can together solve the problem of illegal immigration by securing the border and reaffirming our appreciation of legal immigration. We are a nation of immigrants, and they have contributed a great deal to our culture of hard work, entrepreneurship, faith in God, love of family, and respect for human life.

 Latin America holds great keys to the future. It is a great deal easier to prevent a crisis than to solve one. Since the end of the Cold War and since the terror of 9/11, America has become so preoccupied with other regions that we have forgotten our friends in our own Hemisphere. We need robust cooperation to expand opportunities in the Hemisphere and address common threats such as drug trafficking and terrorism with the mutual benefit and reward we intend.
Cody Robert Judy
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