Tighten Economic Sanctions Against Iran, yet extend a clear achievement and goal oriented road map for successful economic productivity for progressive steps of self discipline nationally.

Cody Robert Judy will call for strategic divestment from companies that support the Iranian regime's dangerous actions, using efforts similar to the actions taken against Apartheid South Africa.

Isolate Iran Diplomatically. Until there are indications that high level engagement would do anything other than reward bad behavior, the United States should not engage Iran in direct, bilateral negotiations over their nuclear weapons program. Finally, Iran's President Ahmadinejad should be indicted under the terms of the Genocide Convention for incitement to genocide with the confirmed threats to Israel. While the Iranian people may not be willing to suffer the consequences of their leaders threats, as a people they should be encouraged through flyers that they could become responsible for his language as their leader. Public preasure within Iran should be used as a tool for his own popularity. The danger with nukes is when fired they don't turn back, with diplomacy about nukes flexability is the peaceful power.

Make It Clear To The Iranian People- If nuclear material from their nation falls into the hands of terrorists and is used, it would provoke a devastating response from the civilized world. The military option remains on the table.

Invite Arab States To Join This Effort To Prevent A Weapons Grade Nuclear Iran. These states should support Iraq's government; turn down the temperature of the Arab-Israeli conflict; stop the financial and weapons flows to Hamas and Hezbollah; and tell the Palestinians to drop their terror campaign and recognize Israel's right to exist.

Mr. Judy Believes We Must Expand And Accelerate Efforts To Combat Nuclear Terrorism By Taking The Following Actions.

Expanding And Accelerating Actions To Combat Nuclear Terrorism. The Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism, which was launched last year, was a good start. Our efforts need to be accelerated and expand. Combating the threat of nuclear terrorism needs to be a top Presidential priority.

Senior Ambassador Board Initiative- To Extend Hand and Lead Efforts To Prevent Nuclear Terrorism. We should appoint a new Ambassador-at-Large to peacefully prevent nuclear terror and encourage strained relations through work to be healed. The Ambassador would have the authority and resources needed to work across government agencies and departments to ensure that our strategies both here and abroad are coordinated with goals of achievement and notable progress.
America's Nuke Sanction Initiative
Cody Robert Judy
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