Improving our schools is critical to the future of our country and our economy. Cody Robert Judy also believes that closing the achievement gap in our schools is the civil rights issue of our time.

Cody Robert Judy Believes Our Education System Works Best When We Have More Local Control Of Our Schools. While there is a proper role for the federal government to play in education, it is not in telling parents, teachers, kids and local authorities what to teach or how to run their schools.

Cody Robert Judy believes in a Conservative Strategy To Raise The Bar In Education through positive incentives:

Cody Robert Judy Will Promote School Choice. He believes that when parents and kids are free to choose their school, everyone benefits. That's because competition and choice in educational opportunities whether it comes from private schools, charter schools, or home schooling makes traditional public schools better and improves the quality of education for all of America's kids.

Cody Robert Judy believes that the bar must be raised for failing public schools and while parents have a choice, our public education criteria should be competitive to private and charter schools and be able to get access to the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

Cody Robert Judy will proposed A Federal Home Schooling Tax Credit. As of 2003, there were nearly 1.1 million home schooled students in the United States. Cody believes that parents who want to home school their kids should be able to do so. To help them, he will provide a tax credit to help defray the educational expenses of parents who home school their kids with a national testing guideline and criteria of basics. No education, no tax credit.

Mr. Judy Will Improve Upon And Enhance No Child Left Behind (NCLB). He believes that No Child Left Behind has played an important role in stressing the role of accountability and high standards in improving our schools. Mr. Judy will improve NCLB by giving states that meet or exceed testing requirements additional flexibility in measuring student performance. He will also improve the law by focusing more attention on individual student progress, rather than the overall progress of schools and where ever possible create incentives for local control rather then national.

Mr. Judy Honors and Respects Teaching. He believes that good teachers should be rewarded for their hard work and dedication to the important cause of educating our children. He will support performance-based pay and other initiatives that encourage our best teachers to teach in our highest-need schools and support school disipline inititative guidelines, free of court retort, as local school boards advise.

Mr. Judy Will Ensure Our Kids Get The Education They Need To Excel In The Jobs Of The New Economy. He will focus our efforts in fields like math and science, while promoting innovative approaches such as charter schools and public-private partnerships. Cody will work to show that American Citizens of the future have the intellectual capital and skills they need to compete in the new global marketplace.
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