The threats to our ports of entry as well as our borders is real. An Enemy combative army could infilterate America's borders and cause real carnage. It is therefore imperative and essential we mine with explosives a border secure with optimal gateways that provide positive inncentives to pass without harm.

As Utah's U.S. Senator, Cody Robert Judy will Stop work to stop illegal Immigration and drug traffic, and welcome those who naturallize legally.

Secure The Border. Follow through on Congressional commitment to build a technological border, using mine fields, highbeam cutting lasers that is unpenatable without loss of life, along the southern border, and secure other points of entry.

Implement An Enforceable Employer Verification System. Issue a biometrically-enabled and tamperproof card to non-citizens and create a national database for non-citizens so employers can easily verify their legal status in this country.

Reject Amnesty. Do not give amnesty or any special pathway to those who have come to this country illegally.

Punish Sanctuary Cities. Cut back federal funding to cities that are "sanctuaries" for illegal immigrants and refuse to comply with federal law or aid federal law enforcement.

Improve Interior Enforcement. Provide resources to enforce immigration laws throughout the nation, and crackdown on employers who continue to hire illegals with stiffer fines and penalties.

Encourage Legal Immigration. Streamline the system to recruit and retain skilled workers and welcome the best and the brightest from around the world to our universities.
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        Some Fact To Think About

43 times this year the Mexican Military has had armed confrontation with U.S. border guards, INSIDE THE UNITED STATES. These are undeniable acts of WAR.

The U.S. tax payer is FUNDING the Mexican Military who sees their main job as defending the drug and human smugglers as they move their contra- ban into OUR country.

YOU are paying for them to assault us and our society.

Let YOUR elected officials know you support a secure border.

Let your elected officials know you support those protecting your safety to NOT be in Jail for doing their job.
Cody Robert Judy