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Itís easy to volunteer and help with the Cody Robert Judy Campaign for President in 2012 and the campaign has a few simple guidelines for those self starters and ambitious Article II Patriots who wish to champion our Constitution in a Candidate for President.


#1. Youíre free to champion Article II and challenge Obama on his qualifications to be President with Codyís name; we simply recommend you become familiar with the challenge so that when you get asked questions you can answer them to the press and to your neighbors. Codyís provided a great way to learn all about the eligibility issue on the www.codyjudy.us link The Lionís Den. There are not too many questions that canít be answered with a YouTube Video on that link which is an excellent reference if you ďjust donít knowĒ, and the campaign will provide formats for signs which you can have made.

#2. If you decide to hold a rally, a fundraiser, or host a meeting in your own Lionís Den, youíre in charge of recruiting your own volunteers to help you with that and expenses should also be covered by you in that volunteer capacity. All contributions to the campaign should be forwarded to the war chest for advertising budgets because thatís what our contributions are for. We have no paid positions- everyone is volunteering. We want to be a lean clean fighting machine. (smile)

#3 Codyís perception of running for President is an act of conscience, both independently and as we are all concerned collectively. Your conscience may be your guide, and that is a pretty good idea when it comes to obeying laws, obtaining permits, and generally representing Cody in the light rather than in darkness. Thatís not too hard to do when you start focusing on what Cody has stood up for. We donít have to cover-up or make-up stories like the Obama or any campaign did/does for that matter, because we are qualified and protected by the Constitution and that document holds the power and success of our Nation in its hands of which we are not ashamed and for which we are Taking A Stand.

 For additional Information or other questions please email us at codyjudy@hotmail.com
Media- send email to codyjudy@hotmail.com Att: P.R. Media
Please state your name, request, and who your representing.
10.5 Ways You can Help Your Country and Cody for Free!