"Many people have not tied the fact that America has become great because of the freedoms our U.S. Constitution granted us. Our Economy was built on this freedom and has grown faster then any other in the world. When our U.S. Constitution is threatened you can see directly how our Economy is also threatened. Defend the Constitution to defend our Economy!"
             Cody Robert Judy Sept 21st, 2008
      1- As President I will push for National security I will support tough interrogations, supporting our generals in any war effort so sustained, supporting our troops in word, and protecting the American Citizens Constitutional Rights.
 However, Spying on Americans and treating our citizens the same way we would treat terrorist is akin to depriving Americans’ from the very life of freedom and liberty our leaders are suppose to protect.

    If you think Government should be downsized and Big Government should be reduced, why you wouldn’t also feel spying on “Americans” is something that should be given due process consideration? Sadly it is often the Republicans that vote for less government but more security on everyday Americans forgetting about our Constitutional rights. This needs to be balanced with the Constitution rather than the Patriot Act.

   It's time to return to Americans the freedom of our Constitution requiring Judicially Ordered search warrants, and a security that doesn't fabricate fears and turn our land into one that resembles communist regimes more than a Constitution Republic. When the people fear their government more than the government fears the people, our Constitution has lost individual meaning.

  2-I believe our veterans should be given the dignity of their service in honor and real life consideration. I believe victory in war is goal oriented in any conflict, and individual human behavior should be kept separate from national mobilization. The few should not bully the majority to provoke nor deter orderly national defense. In honoring our troops they also need to honor those who produce their paychecks, The People. They work for us, and ultimately are America’s Force. I believe the office of a U.S. President should be used as an honor and kept such without appeasement to rogue dictators, however not forbid to speak with anyone of interest and support of the U.S. Constitution.

 3-As your U.S. President I will support Tax CUTS and fiscal responsibility. I pledge to do all I can to balance the budget in a balance of earmarks, over spending, and fiscal irresponsibility. Solvency is within freedom and liberty's handy work, and we must but get out of the way to let it work. I believe in cutting taxes we can cut our debt, and in the wake of our trouble, a tax sabbatical is worthy of research for I believe we can overcome the odds we face in an increase of productivity with incentives all around.

 4- As your U.S. President I will pledge to support Energy Independence through drilling, building new refineries, responsible and defended nuclear facilities, expanding coal mining, responsible forestry stimulus, with the vision of restoring American Independence and infrastructure. Let us all pledge to polish America inside as a restoration for future generations as the lighthouse, let us shine upon the hill as a beacon of balanced discipline and integrity towards our core constitutional principles.

 5- As your U.S. President I will look for Free Market solutions to the problems facing healthcare. I oppose nationalizing healthcare by force. Big government solutions to what has made our health care the best and provided the incentives for amazing progress in disease and medical solutions is our positive incentive.

  I oppose making government the solution to every problem and impeding the great will that has built this country called the will of the people, the drive of this people, the freedom and liberty of this people. America cannot stand for elimination of risk, or it will impede the reward. We all do suffer, we all do die, and within the bounds of those are Gods grace and our human greatness in charity and the willful reward of any example of any human-being rich in spirit, full of amazing grace.

 6- As your U.S. President I will fight for States independence in education. As future guardians of our liberty our education ought to be a primary object of concern for our youth, however nationalization ought to be avoided. Big Government interfering with the Separate States desires and goals where education can flourish most efficiently is a penalty to the will of learning. While I would champion education I would respect the separation of states will, and tender a loosely fitted federal education system that is not over bearing and demonstrable, while providing positive incentives for merit in public schools.
 7- As your U.S. President I will fight to save Social Security and Medicare with the elevation of our dollar, and our national resources of oil, coal, and energy without raising taxes. I will encourage “private retirement funds” so the elderly can control their own destiny without government interference and undue tax burdens.
As your U.S. President if I am asked, I will support ONLY judges who recognize their job is to interpret the Constitution, and NOT legislate from the bench. I would also support States rights in Life matters, standing firm against the indentured servitude of women, for slavery is prohibited by the 8th Amendment. I believe our Creator to have made the body and then breathed the breath of life into man constituting the living soul and that Creator certainly capable of providing a body for every spirit child beyond the puny power of man. I believe Civil Unions should be instituted for the binding of any person with another person. Let religions bind in marriage those whom they will, the federal Government should be no respecter of persons; Congress is prohibited from making law respecting any religion.

As your U.S. President I believe it is my duty and responsibility to educate, inform, and remind people that the blessings of Freedom have been fought for and must continually be defended from assault. As George Washington said, “The Constitution of the United States and the laws made under it, must mark the line of my official conduct in office. “, and “,The power under the Constitution will always be in the people. It is entrusted for certain defined purposes and for a certain limited period, to representatives of their own choosing; and whenever it is executed contrary to their interest, or not agreeable to their wishes, their servants can, and undoubtedly will be recalled.

I am also sure that this people, who has more reason to acknowledge divine interposition in their affairs than any other people in the world, seeing the success of America in the rapid growth and prosperity of her citizenry in general, shall prosper if it becomes her to remember that her free agency, her liberty, and her rights given every American, is given by the omnipotence of our Creator God, who alone is able to protect us. That no government alone shall reduce all risks, or secure every fear, nor should those very human resources of humility be taken from us; so God help us, so we will not prevent God from testing us to see if we are able to stand for this luxury of liberty and freedom from which we drink our national felicity.
Now, let all Citizens' as Americans Take A Stand! And let us not let down nor disappoint our God from this divine appointment for the blessings of America are very closely aligned with the preservation of freedom and liberty our Constitution outlines, and when we stray from those, we only invite captivity and a poor condition for our future generations.
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 Seven Keys Restoring Freedom